5 Disciplines of UX design that every UX Designer must follow

User research: Design researchers build continuous knowledge, discovery, and empathy. They craft actionable insights through empirical observation and experience. Tools of the trade include contextual inquiries, co-design, customer journey maps, and quantitative research.

Interaction design: Through the interpretation of research and requirements, these designers craft experiences that connect people with our products and services in meaningful, enduring ways. Tools of the trade include market and audience analysis, user journeys and wireframes.

Visual design: Visual designers manipulate observable elements, with the goal of eliciting desired emotional responses and building durable connections with users. Tools of the trade include imaging, typography, layout, colour and style.

Service design: Service designers are able to look at the big picture, and to apply service design-thinking and other user-centred design methodologies to immaterial products. Their activities consist of planning and organising people, infrastructure, communication and material components of a service in order to improve its quality and the interaction between service provider and final end users.

Front-end development: Front-end developers collaborate with the team to generate ideas and make design concepts tangible. Tools of the trade include web and mobile programming skills, and synthesis.

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