What exactly is a UX designer?

A UX designer is someone who follows the user-centred design process when designing products. They are the team members who are looking at the bigger picture and advocating for the end users’ needs.

UX designers do not think of design and technological capabilities as two separate entities, but rather, marry the two for a better customer experience.

The role of UX is quite broad and can extend from initial research to interaction design.

The role of UX designer is quite vague; some UX designers specialise in one part of the UX process (for example, as a UX researcher or system architect) while for others, the UI design and front-end development are part of their remit.

The term UX designer is so vague, it can often be misrepresented. It’s more correct to consider a UX designer to be a professional that works in the UX field, but not someone that is an expert in all of the disciplines that belong to it.

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